Located just a short drive from Melbourne, Evergreen Retirement Village is a thriving, tight knit retirement community situated in the heart of Pakenham.

Moving to a retirement village doesn’t mean you have to lose your independence or give up doing the things you enjoy. You deserve to enjoy your retirement the way you want to, and we’re committed to helping you do just that.

At Evergreen you’ll have your own private retirement villa with space to entertain family and friends and all the conveniences you need for comfortable living.

We want to ensure our residents are taken care of the right way, by helping you continue the busy, active life you’re used to or allowing you to take it easy and enjoy a slower pace. We put the choice in your hands so you can enjoy retirement living, the way you want too.

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Care within the Community

Find out why Evergreen Retirement Village is one of the most highly regarded retirement communities in Victoria.

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Modern, comfortable retirement accommodation designed for you.

With all the comforts of a luxurious retirement home, at Evergreen Retirement Village Pakenham, our residences are designed to support comfortable and convenient retirement living.

Evergreen homes have been designed to facilitate the independence of our residents, offering them a host of modern luxuries to improve and simplify their lives. With your own retirement villa, you’ll have access to a beautiful private garden, designer bathrooms and kitchens, spacious senior living areas, and state-of-the-art climate control.

Enjoy all the room you need to entertain your family and all of your new friends and neighbours. As a pet-friendly retirement village, you can also bring your furry friends with you to your new retirement villa.

When it’s time to enjoy yourself, the Community Clubhouse and village bowling green will be waiting for you. You can also participate in the dozens of activities happening every month and meet and socialise with fellow residents.

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Modern, comfortable accommodation designed for you.

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The Clubhouse

Retirement living doesn’t need to be boring. There’s always something to do and enjoy at one of Melbourne’s most beloved retirement villages.

With plenty of activities to keep you social and active, as well as room to relax with your friends and family, you’ll unearth a carefree lifestyle where you can do as much or as little as you choose.

Play your neighbours on the lush bowling green, or simply relax with a book or one of your new neighbours in the park and barbecue area. There’s also a range of activities happening all the time, like our weekly line dancing classes for those who enjoy a social, and active lifestyle. Whether you want to try out a new hobby, or continue with one you love, we cater to all kinds of interests so you can get the best out of your retirement.

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Weekly Group Activities


Bowling Green


Located in Pakenham, a family oriented suburb 53km from the Melbourne CBD

With stunning natural surroundings, a family-friendly community and close proximity to all the essential amenities you could need, Pakenham, Melbourne is a great place to spend your retirement. Whether you’re after fresh, wide-open spaces where you can relax in a tranquil atmosphere; or you enjoy the lively vibe of the main shopping centre, you can make Pakenham your own and always be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The ideal location of Evergreen puts you in close proximity to various parks and walking trails, with shops and cafes within easy walking distance so you can enjoy time away from the retirement village.

For those wanting to travel a little further, a short train trip will get you into Melbourne’s CBD, or you can drive to Gippsland for an outing with family and friends. The location of Evergreen means you can enjoy retirement living, while still having the freedom to explore the surrounding area.

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About Us

Managed by Gartner Hemmingway, specialists in seniors living with extensive experience operating and managing retirement facilities throughout Australia.

Evergreen provides the very best retirement living has to offer, so you can continue to enjoy the lifestyle you want, but with the support you need.

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Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions.
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What is a retirement village?

A retirement village, like Evergreen, is a residential community tailored for seniors seeking a simplified yet active lifestyle post-retirement. These villages typically feature private homes or apartments, complemented by amenities such as housekeeping, dining facilities, and social activities. Evergreen emphasises community engagement and a convenient, fulfilling lifestyle for seniors looking to downsize.

How does Evergreen Retirement Village operate?

Managed by Gartner Hemmingway, Evergreen Retirement Village in Pakenham represents the pinnacle of senior living. Evergreen balances lifestyle freedom with the necessary support, shaped by extensive experience in operating Australian retirement facilities. Discover a retirement life enriched with amenities, social opportunities, and professional care.

Are retirement villages suitable for those over 50?

While typically designed for individuals aged 55 and over, the age criteria for Australian retirement villages, including Evergreen, may vary. Some establishments may set the threshold at 60 or 65 years. Prospective residents should verify age requirements with their chosen village for accurate information.

What are the benefits of living in retirement village like Evergreen?

Retirement villages, especially Evergreen in Pakenham, offer an engaging, activity-rich environment. Nestled in stunning natural settings, our village provides both serene spaces and vibrant community activities. Proximity to parks, trails, shops, and cafes enhances your living experience, offering the perfect balance of relaxation and social interaction.

What are the costs of retirement villages?

Costs in retirement villages depend on factors like location, care level, and accommodation type. Residents typically pay an entry fee and ongoing charges for services and maintenance. Evergreen prides itself on offering competitively priced retirement living. Contact us for detailed information on our rates and services.

Can you work while living in a retirement village?

In retirement villages like Evergreen in Pakenham Victoria, combining work and retirement living is feasible. Opportunities may include part-time roles in various sectors within the village. It's advisable to check with the specific retirement community for available work options and related policies. Evergreen is happy to discuss how you can balance work and leisure in your retirement years.