December 2018

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The temperature is rising which means summer is finally here! I love how much Evergreen comes alive in the warmer months. This week I’ve rounded up some of the top activities you can do to make the most of the sunshine!

Reignite your green thumb

Summer is the perfect time to get out and look after your garden. Plants need extra TLC to survive and thrive in the heat. Protect your garden bed and pots by covering them with a layer of mulch – it’s a fantastic water saver.

If you’re wanting to plant some new varieties it’s important to choose plants that will survive the warmth. Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary, oregano and thyme are great additions as they are not affected by the heat. Vegetables like sweet corn, cucumber and capsicum also thrive during the summer months.

Take up yoga

What’s fantastic about yoga is that it’s suitable for all ages with many different variations you can use based on your personal needs. Yoga combines physical exercise with mindfulness, meditation and breathing techniques so you improve your wellbeing from the inside out. Research conducted by Reuters Health found that regular yoga-based exercise is a great way to improve the mobility and balance of those 60+. It’s can also help reduce blood pressure and anxiety while improving respiration.

You can practice yoga from the comfort of your home, get out into your backyard and enjoy the sun while your practice or join a yoga class. A great resource for at home yoga is Youtuber Yoga with Adrienne. She even has a gentle yoga video specifically targeted at seniors!

Try your hand at lawn bowls

At Evergreen we have our very own bowling green where you can challenge your friends and family. It’s a fantastic social activity that can improve your coordination, fitness and skill. I love lawn bowls because it doesn’t take long to grasp the basics of the game and it’s suitable to all ages and fitness levels. Here’s a few tips to ‘get the ball rolling’:

– Make sure you learn the distance to the jack

– Experiment with grips and throwing positions until you find one that’s comfortable

– Don’t flick your wrist when you release the ball as it throws off your weight control

Plan a garden party

Summer is all about having fun and socialising. Hosting a garden party is a fantastic way to get your family and friends together and enjoy eachothers company in the sunshine. We have a beautiful community clubhouse and bbq area that are perfect for summer parties. You can keep your party simple or go all out with decorations and entertainment, the possibilities are endless!

Bird watching

Bird watching is a wonderful way to incorporate a leisurely walk, social event, picnic and other fun activities all in one. It gets you into the outdoors, stimulates your mind and provides some light exercise. There are over 400 species of birds to be found in Victoria, so use this summer to become one with nature. If you’re lucky you may even spot a superb lyrebird!

Find out more about summer in Evergreen by contacting us today.

Kind regards,

Annie Wallace

Village Manager