If you’re ready to settle down and retire, there are usually many options available to you. One of the most popular options is a 55+ plus community. These locations are designed to accommodate residents aged 55 years old or older. The layout and amenities on offer are all carefully picked and designed to cater to this age group.

You’ll find living space options designed for low maintenance and safety. While staying at a 55+ community, you’ll suddenly notice you’ll have even more free time to pursue those pastimes you’ve been putting on the back burner for years.

There are countless other benefits to living in a 55+ community. That’s why today we’re going over five of them in more detail. Keep these in mind as you start looking for 55+ communities you would like to stay in.

You don’t have to be retired

It’s not always a requirement to be retired if you want to live in a 55+ community. There’s nothing wrong with maintaining a little financial independence with a casual job. Many people over 55 still find employment a meaningful and rewarding experience. It’s just one of the reasons why a lot of 55+ communities don’t see your employment status as a prerequisite.

You should be able to settle into retirement at your own pace, not everyone else’s! Another advantage of being a working resident is that most of the responsibilities of homeownership are already taken care of for you. This gives you more opportunities to enjoy your free time after work instead of doing more housework when you get home.

Downsize on your terms

For many people, moving into a retirement community can be stressful when you’re forced into it. Illness or the unfortunate loss of a partner are just two reasons why some are forced to make a move out of their traditional home.

Making the move to a 55+ community on your own terms can be a lot less strenuous. When you make the choice on your own it can be easier to process. Organising the cleaning out and downsizing of your home puts you in control. You end up having a say on your future and how you want to spend it when you choose to move to a 55+ community.

Support services available

An incident or illness may require you to seek assistance for everyday tasks such as housekeeping and meal preparation. 55+ communities offer a vast range of services to help make your lifestyle easier and more carefree when it comes to carrying out tasks like these.

Some communities also offer support services that can help maintain your health. These services could include physical rehab sessions, medical reminders for taking medications and regular visits from GPs. Support services like these may incur additional costs, so it’s always best to check with your community manager to see what’s included in your contract.

Living spaces designed for you

55+ communities tend to offer a range of living space options which cater to your needs. Unlike a traditional house, your living space will already be designed for your lifestyle. Your safety and comfort is the number one priority when it comes to the design of these houses.

You’ll find many features installed to improve your safety, including handlebars for support when you manoeuvre around the bedroom and bathroom. Other features may include ramps for easy wheelchair access and anti-slip material on floor surfaces for extra grip.

Great amenities

55+ communities are designed to foster a lifestyle that caters to your needs and interests. Many of these communities feature amenities for a mix of active or laid back hobbies. For those who love being active, you’ll often find facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, exercise rooms, and walking trails.

If you enjoy having a more laidback lifestyle, you’ll find many communities offer amenities such as craft rooms, libraries, and clubhouses. So before you decide on a new 55+ community to live in, don’t forget to check out all the amenities that will be available to you.

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