September 2020

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During the current coronavirus pandemic, we at Evergreen are closely monitoring any developments in order to effectively plan and implement decisive actions to ensure our elders and team are safe.

As residents of aged care and retirement homes are at increased risk of COVID-19 infection and are more vulnerable to serious complications if they do become infected, we have put safety measures in place in line with government guidelines.

Restrictions have been placed on visitations.

Visitors to aged care and retirement facilities must be over 16 years of age, submit to a health screening, stay for only a short time, wear a face mask and remain at least 1.5 metres apart.

While we understand wanting to support and visit your elderly family members, we urge you to stay away unless you absolutely need to visit, to keep visits short and to not visit with more than two people.

Please do not visit if you have:

  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Or, if you have any signs of respiratory infection or illness.

Staff and visitors who have travelled overseas or who have had contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 must not attend the facility for 14 days from the time they returned from overseas or last had contact with a case.

Our priority is to make sure our elderly are safe and continue to receive the care and support they need during this challenging time.

For any updates on coronavirus restrictions and updated practices in aged care facilities, visit or if you are unsure about anything, please call us before you visit.