September 2018

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I know that moving into a retirement village can seem daunting. When I speak to potential residents they always have similar concerns about making the leap. This week I’m going address these worries and show you how Evergreen is the perfect home for the next phase of your life.

“I’m worried I won’t be able to fit all my belonging in my new home”

No need to fret! Our residences are designed to not only be safe but also completely livable with spacious bedrooms and living areas, high ceilings and plenty of storage.  We welcome all your pots, pans, ornaments, linen, furniture and whatever else you want to bring. There will be plenty of storage in the residences to fit all your possessions.

“Can I bring my pet?”

We understand the special bond that people have with their furry friends. They aren’t just pets, they’re family. We warmly welcome your animals to also be part of the Evergreen community! Our senior living community is a safe environment for your pet to bask in the sun and stretch their legs. Evergreen is idyllically nestled amongst parkland, so you can take you pet exploring to their hearts content!

“What if I don’t make any friends?”

You will, I can assure you. Evergreen is a welcoming community of friendly people. Every month we host a dinner to introduce new residents and there are many different social activities you can get involved in including line dancing, twilight bowls and choirs.

“I want to maintain my independence”

When a new resident moves into Evergreen we allow them to unpack and get settled. We will ask if there is anything you need but mostly you will be left to your own devices. You are free to be as involved as you like in the Evergreen community. We want you to live the retirement lifestyle you want whether that is a busy and active or slower and more relaxed. We respect your independence and are not in the business of wrapping you in cotton wool!

I hope I have been able to calm any doubts and open your mind to the carefree lifestyle that Evergreen provides. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Kind regards,

Annie Warner

Village Manager