The best part of my job is, without a doubt, the relationships I have with the residents and their families. Our residents come from all walks of life, from all over Australia and from many different cultural backgrounds so they always have a great story to tell!

When talking to our residents, the one thing I hear time and again is how surprised they are by how many new friends they have made since they arrived at Evergreen.

Every Evergreen resident has their own unique reason for moving to retirement accommodation, but once they arrive their experience is universal. Evergreen is not just a retirement village, it is a community of friends who support one another.

Often left unspoken, loneliness can be a sensitive subject for many seniors, especially those who value their independence. Unfortunately, the reality is that social isolation can creep up on anyone and is particularly prevalent in the retired population.

In a recent study by the Department of Medicine, University of California, researchers looked at how loneliness affects people age 60 and older over a six-year period. Seniors who reported loneliness had much higher levels of functional decline than those with many strong social connections. Activities such as dressing, bathing and ability to walk or climb stairs were all drastically affected.

The mental and physical health of our residents is my highest priority, which is why Evergreen is specifically designed to foster the kinds of relationships that we know improve the happiness and wellbeing of our residents.

The facilities and activities we have at Evergreen are the building blocks for the community spirit we are known for. The Clubhouse is without a doubt the centre of Evergreen life. Activities are arranged throughout the week, but you are free to do as much or as little as you like. It’s a great spot to relax, find a good book in the community library, or just watch the world go by.

There’s always something to do! For chatterboxes, our weekly ladies chit-chat is the perfect opportunity to catch up on the latest goings on. For those with a competitive streak, the bowling green and pool tables are a great spot for a friendly game. Creative types make great use of our fully stocked craft room.

Many residents simply take the time to relax outdoors in the beautiful park and barbecue area.

I just love our Evergreen family! It makes me so happy to know that new residents are always welcomed with open arms by everyone at the village and I am so proud of the community spirit we have here.

We know that it is the little things that are key to feeling at home, so when you arrive, expect a wave, a hello and an invite for a cuppa.

See you soon


Annie Warner

Village Manager