While many people may imagine retirement villages to be a bit behind the times, many retirement communities are adopting new technologies to improve the everyday lives of retirees.

The use of technology in retirement villages provides numerous benefits, from making it easier for residents to stay connected to family members and socialising to providing assisted living support.

Supporting social activity

Senior living communities are incorporating technology more and more, with seniors becoming increasingly engaged with technology.

In retirement villages, where retirees may not be able to see family as regularly, technology allows them to easily connect with loved ones. Devices can be used to connect with family and friends, as well as for entertainment purposes, such as games, movies and television and shopping.

Residents can connect with others in the retirement community to play games online, which can help enhance cognitive and social skills.

Physical activity can also be encouraged through technology, with videos, apps and games available to help residents get moving in the comfort of their own home. They can engage in virtual sports, which will increase physical wellness, help improve balance, coordination and mental alertness. The physical therapy provided by certain virtual games can help improve the overall health of senior residents. Many of these can also be connected to others in the community, allowing for socialising.

Social media accounts for retirement villages provide the opportunity for family and friends to keep up with what their loved ones are getting up to. These can be used to allow easy connection with family as well as creating groups and social clubs with others in the retirement village.

Home assistance

Another important way technology is used in retirement living is through home assistive technologies.

Evergreen Retirement Village in East Melbourne offers a warm community atmosphere. Our homes have been designed to facilitate the independence of residents, with modern luxuries to improve and simplify residents lives. Each home has access to a private garden, spacious living areas, modern features and state-of-the-art climate control to ensure comfort.

We know technology in retirement villages can improve the quality of life for older people and improve the operation of senior living communities and aged care facilities. Technology will continue to be further refined as new advances become available to ensure the best quality of life for our residents.

Home assistance technologies allow residents to get in touch with their doctors, order a meal or groceries, have someone clean their home. Residents can consult with doctors and specialist outside of the retirement village through video calls. This can be beneficial when residents are not able to travel far and allows for timely and convenient medical care.

These technologies can be adapted for residents with vision or hearing impairments. This can help increase the quality of life for elderly people while still allowing them to have a measure of independence.

Technology in retirement villages can also help seniors get their important paperwork in order. Online resources can be used to store and manage medical records, bills and financial documents. This can make it easier for doctors to access the necessary importation of senior patients.

Our pet-friendly retirement village is dedicated to providing residents with a welcoming community that is supported by technology to provide the best possible living experience.