October 2021

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When you retire, it can be a bit of a shock, especially if you go from working every day to suddenly having to fill your time with other things. Finding things to do in retirement helps keep your mind and body active.

Is there something you never had the time to do, but always wanted to try? There is no reason you can’t give it a go during retirement. Many retirement villages facilitate a wide range of activities for seniors to engage in so you can make the most of your retirement.

Get physical

Physical activity is so important, especially as you get older. Keeping your body moving is good for your mental health as well as your physical health.

With numerous benefits including improving your flexibility, balance and mobility, boosting your immune system, and keeping your heart and lungs healthy, staying active can help you enjoy your retirement as you will feel more energised.

Choose a physical activity that suits you and your capabilities, and find something you enjoy as that will prevent it from feeling like a chore. Retirement villages can offer a range of sporting facilities to support a range of physical activities.

Lawn bowls is a great activity for seniors, which also provides a great opportunity to socialise with others. You may want to try out various water sports, as exercising in water is good for seniors as it allows easier movement.

A low impact exercise, yoga is a good physical activity for seniors. Classes can be easily modified to suit seniors, with varying levels of ability. It works to improve balance and flexibility, which can be good as you get older.

If you’re not up to anything too energetic, walking is a good way to get your body moving, while also getting out and enjoying some fresh air.

Join social groups

Sometimes retirement can feel lonely, especially when it requires you to move to a new area, away from things you’re familiar with, and perhaps further from your friends and family.

It’s important for your mental health and wellbeing to retain social connections with family and friends. Meaningful relationships can reduce feelings of loneliness and provide you with a support network.

Senior living communities often encourage and support socialisation between residents with social events and activities. Joining a social group helps you meet people who share similar interests so you can build lasting relationships during your retirement.

Find a hobby

When you retire it can be hard to know how to fill your time, which is why it’s a great time to pick up some new hobbies. Hobbies give you something interesting and fun to do and can be done on your own or with a group.

Hobbies can be relaxing and a good way to practice mindfulness. Learning a new skill can also help reduce the risk of memory loss and keep your mind active and engaged.

Many retirement villages host a range of classes and activities that allow senior residents to learn a new skill or hobby. Some hobbies to try out in your retirement include drawing, painting, ceramics, needlecraft, scrapbooking, gardening, baking and many more. Try a few different things to discover what you like.

Reading is an easy hobby that you can do at any time, a great way to engage and expand the mind, you can also learn about new subjects by reading non-fiction books.

Spend time outdoors

As we get older, many people spend less and less time outside, however, spending time outdoors has numerous benefits for your health and mental well being.

Spending time outside, whether going for a walk, doing some gardening or just sitting outside for an hour each day, can help relieve stress and feelings of depression. Being outside also increases your levels of Vitamin D, which can often be low for seniors.

Retirement villages in southeast Melbourne are well-positioned to nearby parks and walking trails, so you can get out for a walk or enjoy a picnic.

Get a pet

If you’re able to look after a pet, adopting a furry companion can bring you a lot of joy during your retirement.

Whether you already have a furry friend you want to take to the retirement village with you, or you’re looking to adopt a new friend, during your retirement you may find yourself with enough time to provide care to a pet.

Pets can provide retirees with comfort and companionship, and help prevent feelings of loneliness or depression. Having a pet can also help you keep active and encourage you to spend time outside, so consider choosing a pet-friendly retirement village.

Spend time with your family

For some, it may be difficult if your loved ones live far away, but during your retirement spending time with your family can bring you a lot of happiness.

Invite your family to visit you at the retirement village, or organise day trips to spend time with your family. You could also offer to babysit your grandchildren to spend more time with them and create special memories.

Retirement is a great time to connect with your family and strengthen relationships.


While COVID has put a halt on overseas travel for the moment, your retirement is a good time to start exploring and travelling, even if it’s just within your state.

You can enjoy regular trips during your retirement, even if only for the weekend or an overnight trip. These trips can also be combined with your hobbies, such as golfing trips or visiting art museums.

Plan small trips to places you’ve never had the chance to visit before. Retirement villages in southeast Melbourne are located just a short drive from the beautiful scenery of Gippsland countryside, with beaches, lakes and mountains to explore.