October 2019

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Here at Evergreen Retirement Village, we see future residents visit us with loads of questions. And rightly so. Choosing a retirement village is a big decision. For many of our residents, it’s one of the last relocations they’ll ever have to make. So why not make it a good one?

There’s no need to rush making your decision about a retirement village. We always encourage residents to ask as many questions as they need to until they are 100 per cent confident in the choice they’ve made. Here at Evergreen, comfort and security is of the utmost importance for our residents.

Whichever retirement village you choose to settle down in, there’s always going to be a lot of personal boxes to tick. To help you make a more informed choice, we’re listing our recommendations for what to look for when choosing a retirement village.

Medical support

As our reliance on medical services grows, it becomes more crucial to have easy access to medical support. Most retirement villages will have some form of medical support in place.  Some villages may have staff trained in first aid along with regular visits from GPs and allied health professionals.

Another feature to look out for is 24-hour emergency support. Emergency call systems give residents the comfort of knowing help is only one call away no matter what the medical emergency is. Some retirement villages also provide the option of hospitalisation on the premises or post-hospital care to help get you back on track after a hospital episode.


The location of your retirement can have a massive impact on your lifestyle. Being in a place close to family and friends is just one thing to consider when choosing a location. When you dreamed about retiring, did you have a particular surrounding in mind? Did you ever fantasise about being closer to the bush or the beach? Choosing a retirement village is the perfect opportunity to make that dream a reality.

There are other practical features of a location to look out for such as easy access to a freeway or public transport for day trips. If you love activities such as bushwalking then why not lookout for a location near parklands? The same can be said if you’re an amateur golfer. Why not settle down near a golf course so you’ll have plenty of time to work on that swing?

Community areas & activities

Community areas and activities at a retirement village can play a crucial role when it comes to enriching your lifestyle. Shared areas encourage social interactions with other members of your village to help foster a more profound sense of community. These areas could be something as simple as a garden, cafe, or bowling green.

It’s also a good idea to ask any potential retirement villages what types of activities are hosted. You’ll find some villages offer movie nights, knitting groups, book clubs, even bocce tournaments. Ideally, you want a place that provides you with the chance to enjoy hobbies with like-minded individuals.

Ownership rights

Before signing on the dotted line, make sure you review every detail of your retirement village contract carefully. Pay close attention to sections of the contract that focus on your ownership rights. When you purchase property in a retirement village, you don’t always own it the same way you would with a traditional house.

Retirement villages can fall under different legislation specifically with loans, licences, shares in a unit or whether or not the property is on a community or strata title. You may not have permission to do things you take for granted like establishing a private garden or having guests over to stay.

Fees & charges

When you’re looking for prospective retirement villages, pay close attention to their fees and charges. Are fees paid weekly, fortnightly, or monthly? Any location should be able to provide you with a detailed breakdown of service fees and exit fees. Find out whether or not you are entitled to a refund upon leaving or what the potential refund period is.

It’s also important to confirm if there are any ongoing maintenance costs and whether they are likely to increase in price. Confirming facts like these will help you establish just how much you will need to budget for. Ongoing maintenance costs can include refurbishments to your home or surrounding garden areas.

Get reliable feedback

Before making a final choice on a retirement village, it’s also crucial to get as much feedback as you can on the place. Don’t be afraid to get feedback from a current or past resident of the retirement village. Online reviews can also be helpful. However, asking someone in person should always be a more reliable source of truth.

Professionals can also provide you with reliable advice. Consider taking a copy of your retirement village contract to a financial advisor or lawyer. They’ll have a better understanding of any financial or legal terms. If any information in the contract seems confusing or misleading, a professional should be able to help elaborate and explain them to you.

Kind regards,

Annie Warner

Village Manager

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